Dangers of Having Teeth Knocked Out

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People lose their teeth all of the time, but instead of a natural loss, like those we all experience when we are younger, having a tooth knocked out is jarring and damaging to a person’s mouth. Teeth might be knocked out for a number of different reasons, and such accidents can be extremely damaging for those who are affected. This can be considered a dental emergency, and if a knocked out tooth is not immediately treated, then the consequences can potentially be permanent and damaging.

Dangers You May Face

Having one or more teeth knocked out can have a lot of different consequences, some of which can be very dangerous. Some of the dangers of having a tooth knocked out might include:

  • Mouth infection
  • Blood loss
  • Gum infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Damage to tooth roots

In addition to these dangers, you might also be facing a great deal of physical discomfort or pain if your tooth is knocked out. However, an experienced dentist has the skills to address this dental issue, something which usually needs to be done as soon as possible.

Contact Us

A tooth that has been suddenly knocked out can be a serious dental emergency, and you should know exactly who to contact if you experience this kind of emergency. Our skilled team at BridgeView Dental can help you with any dental emergency, including a tooth that was knocked out. Call us today at 512-347-8299 to talk about how we can help you with your dental emergency.