Difference between Dental Crowns and Bridges

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Although dental crowns and bridges are both used to protect and even replace damaged or missing teeth, they are actually quite different from one another. Over time, human teeth can wear down for a number of reasons. From the slow erosion of enamel from food and drinks to physical trauma such as a fall or even grinding one’s teeth, teeth do not last forever. Fortunately, dental professionals can use both crowns and bridges to repair your teeth and give you a smile you can be proud of.

If you are missing one or several teeth, it is important to know you have treatment options for getting back your healthy and confident smile. To learn more about your treatment options, contact an Austin dentist of BridgeView Dental today at 512-347-8299 and speak with a caring member of our staff about scheduling an appointment.

Crowns versus Bridges

Generally speaking, dental crowns are used to repair a single tooth while bridges are used to treat multiple teeth. When a single tooth becomes structurally unsound or unhealthy, a dentist can use a crown to replace the damaged tooth and give the appearance of a real healthy tooth.

On the other hand, a patient may have sustained damage to multiple teeth. In these cases, a dentist can use a dental bridge as a solution. Like crowns, bridges are constructed outside of the patient’s mouth and can either be permanently cemented to your natural teeth or may be removable.

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