Fillings that match your teeth

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Today, fillings are no longer silver like they used to be in the past. This made it more noticeable that their was dental work done in someone’s mouth. Tooth-colored fillings are now offered for a look that is more subtle.

There are mutliple tooth-colored fillings that can be used, for example composite fillings, ionomers, and porcelain fillings. A composite fillings is one that manufactured using combination of resins and other materials. It is considered the most attractive filling.

he ionomers of resins and glass powder and used near the gum line and the root. The porcelain fillings are a combination of porcelain, ground glass and ceramics and are used to make a natural-looking filling.If you or a loved one has been searching for a dentist in the Austin area, visit the Austin filling expert, Lance Loveless, D.D.S today by calling 512-347-8299.