Getting to Know a Gum Lift Treatment

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People who have gum imbalance are often conscious of their condition and are embarrassed to smile or interact with others. Due to this, they often seek out gum lift treatment—a procedure that lifts the gums and exposes more of the natural tooth. People that require this procedure have problems with their teeth appearing too small or short. Their teeth are, in fact, longer than what is visible. Thanks to a gum lift treatment, more exposure to the natural teeth leads to an attractive and aesthetically pleasing smile. 

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If you have problems with your teeth’s appearance, maybe a gum lift procedure is what you need. Read on to know more about this procedure! 

Is gum lift treatment a surgical procedure?

Yes, a gum lift treatment is a surgical procedure. In the past, this might sound alarming to some people because the surgery involves a scalpel and anesthetic. Aside from that, the recovery time after undergoing traditional surgical methods takes too long. Despite being a surgical procedure, gum lifts are considered non-invasive and relatively easy. This is because lasers are available to be used on correcting gum irregularities. The gums are also estimated to heal six to eight times faster compared to traditional surgical methods. 

How long will it take for the gums to take shape? 

Generally, your gum line will take a number of weeks for it to take the desired shape after the gum lift treatment. There are cases where it takes the gums up to twelve weeks to reach the desired shape. However, once the gum has healed from the surgery after a few days, further procedures can be done even if the gum has not reached the desired shape. 

What happens when a laser is used for the procedure?

When a laser is used for a gum lift treatment, it is virtually painless and can be done with minimal to no bleeding. Aside from that, it will take a relatively minimal time to perform, and it is significantly less expensive than traditional surgery. There will be no need for complex incisions, stitches, as well as postoperative painkillers. This is helpful when other procedures, such as teeth whitening, are needed after the gum lift.

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