Options for Tooth-Colored Fillings

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When a part of a person’s tooth has suffered from decay or the development of a cavity and needs to be removed, a dentist will replace the part that has been removed with a filling. In the past, tooth fillings were traditionally silver; however, they can now be colored to match a tooth’s natural tint and color. This is a much better alternative, as a person can largely disguise the dental work that they have had.

3 Primary Options

Tooth-colored fillings come in three primary options for those getting a filling after having a cavity or other dental decay. The three types of tooth-colored fillings available to people include:

  • Composite – Made from resin and other materials, composite fillings are less obvious than other fillings, though they are also slightly less strong or durable.
  • Ionomers – these materials are used for fillings that are near the gum line or tooth root. They also are made of resin and other materials and tend to be more fragile than other types of fillings.
  • Porcelain – porcelain fillings are both strong and can match a tooth’s natural color, giving an attractive and natural appearance.

These options are available to most dental patients who are interested in a tooth-colored filling, as opposed to a silver-colored traditional filling.

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