Surprising foods that can damage teeth

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A new study published this month in the British Dental Journal reveals that many sugar-free candies and gums can have adverse, and sometimes permanent, effects on teeth.

The artificial flavoring in many sugar-free, fruit-flavored gums contain acidic flavorings which can cause dental erosion- an irreversible process that could put your dental health in jeopardy. While the common sugar substitute xylitol is FDA-approved and has actually been shown to help prevent the risk of tooth decay, it can become dangerous to teeth when mixed with acidic flavorings.

Hard candies and sodas can also put you at risk. The longer you suck on sugar-free hard candies and the more you drink sugar-free sodas, the longer the acid stays on teeth. Researchers say that sugar-free candies such as mint chocolate and butterscotch are healthier alternatives that do not cause erosion.If you or someone you love consumes many sugar-free products, they should see a dental professional to help prevent further dental damage. To make an appointment with the experienced Austin dental experts of Bridgeview Dental, call at 512-347-8299 today.