Understanding Your Rights as a Dental Patient

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Whether you are stepping into a general physician’s office or a dentist’s office, it is important to remember you have rights as a patient. Typically, you can see these rights displayed inside of your dentist’s office. A competent and professionally-responsible dentist will be dedicated to providing care that will conform to established standards and which will honor your patient rights at all times.

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Rights You Should Never Be Denied

The following may be regarded as representative of the general rights that every dental patient has:

  • Access to all information concerning one’s condition
  • The right to be informed about alternative treatment options, even if they have significant side effects or potential complications
  • Information about the cost of treatment beforehand
  • The right to see the dentist of your choice
  • Right to a clean environment including a sterile seat and tools
  • The right to treatment that does not cause undue harm

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