What Is Tartar?

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If you have ever seen a toothbrush commercial, you have probably heard the term “tartar.” However, you may be left wondering what it is and how dangerous it can be for your teeth. Also called calculus, tartar is a type of hardened dental plaque. Because it can attract further plaque development, tartar can be quite dangerous to the health of the gums.

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Preventing Tartar Buildup

Because tartar is comprised of hardened plaque, it is important to understand what plaque is. A colorless biofilm, plaque builds naturally on the teeth. Initially, plaque is soft enough to be easily removed by a toothbrush – or even a fingernail. However, it gradually hardens. After ten days, it will harden to the point that it cannot be easily removed.

Because plaque gradually becomes tartar, removing it in time is vitally important. While brushing your teeth three times a day is best for removing plaque, busy schedules may preclude this. You should brush at least twice a day to prevent buildup.

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