Zirconia crowns touted as unbreakable

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A new material called zirconia is being used to make tooth crowns and is claimed to be unbreakable, a major difference from the traditional porcelain material.

Zirconia will potentially have a large change in the dentistry field as the crown is purportedly indestructible. Also known as ceramic steel, zirconia crown is ideally used for people who grind their back molars, as this can cause a regular crown to break. As the zirconia crown is hammered, unlike porcelain, it is able to withstand greater use and force overtime.

A Houston lab produces these zirconia crowns, which cost around $800-$1,200 and is similar in price to the traditional porcelain crown.If you are in need of a crown or crown repair, our dental professionals at BridgeView Dental can help you. Call 512-347-8299 to learn more about our services and how we can help you alleviate any dental pain from which you are suffering.